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SPA treatments

Cabin massages

(all our massage treatments are performed in chromotherapy)


Toning massage:A moment of relaxing relaxation which is recommended for sporting dogs for muscle repair and recovery. under lightorangeto enhance tone.

Relaxing massage :Recommended for stressed and anxious subjects, this treatment will help your dog find calm and manage stress during a session under  light
blue(relaxation) andGreen (deep relaxation) at the end of the session.

Invigorating massage: Recommended for elderly subjects with pain, light redstimulates vital energy.

Duration of a massage: 45 minutes
Rate: 80.-



(balneotherapy treatments are mandatory in addition to the grooming treatment)

Toning Balneotherapy:Blend of essential oils such as

🍀 Rosemary (stimulant)

🍀 Sage (relaxing and sebum regulator) 

🍀 Lavender, Thyme and Mint (analgesic and antispasmodic)

🍀 Eucalyptus (bactericide and insecticide)

Ideal for sports and or elderly subjects to prevent muscle and joint pain.

Calming Balneotherapy: Blend of essential oils such as


🍀 Juniper (antiseptic and curative action)

🍀 Roman Chamomile  (painkiller and calming) 

🍀 Lavender (analgesic and antispasmodic)

🍀 Scots Pine  and Sweet Orange (Purify and perfume)

Ideal for anxious and stressed subjects.


Purifying Balneotherapy: Blend of essential oils such as

🍀 Lavender and mint (analgesic and calming)

🍀 Eucalyptus (bactericide and insecticide) 

🍀 Lemon (anti-inflammatory and healing)

🍀 Bergamot (soothes and perfumes)

Ideal for subjects with skin problems such as eczema, atopy, excess sebum.

Energizing Balneotherapy: Blend of essential oils such as


🍀 Grapefruit and tangerine (draining and relaxing)

🍀 Orange (nerve soothing) 

🍀 Lemon (antiseptic and refreshing)

🍀 Bergamot (antispasmodic and fragrant)

Ideal for dogs with dull, aged or anxious fur.

Duration of a treatment: 15 minutes

Rate :30.-


(the detox treatment must be carried out in addition to the grooming treatment)

The Detox treatment is carried out under "vapozone", the oxygen and the steam allowing to open the pores and to heat the oils which penetrate the skin of your dog.

We realize the following complex:
A pre-mask based on green clay, the earth that cures a thousand ailments.
A shampoo comprising a complex of green clay, purifying essential oils, skin care to reduce itching.

Detox care is specifically recommended for subjects with skin problems such as eczema, excess seborrhea, dandruff, bad body odor.

Treatment duration: 15 minutes
Price: 30.-
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