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Prices 2023 Dogs

Tarif toilettage chien fribourg

Prices are inclusive of VAT and are calculated from the breed standards governed by the FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale) and on the basis of properly maintained animals. Consequently, they may be subject to revision if the condition of the animal requires an additional cost of work due to the application of the hourly rate of 80.-/hour, which will be billed quarter-hourly. .

Big Dogs

(Size at the withers greater than 40cm and/or dog over 25Kg)
Tarif toilettage grands chiens fribourg

(Ex: average time for a Golden: 1h30, for an Australian Shepherd 1h30, for a Labrador 1h15...)

Special conditions : Our structure does not technically allow us to accommodate dogs over 35kg on average (maximum type size: Golden Retriever, Labrador, Australian Shepherd). Unsupported template types: Newfoundland, Leonberger, Bernese Mountain Dog etc... .
Online booking is not possible for large dogs, but you can make an "appointment request".

Hygiene includes:Nail cutting, depilation of the auditory canal, mowing of the pads, hygiene of the genitals.

The bath includes:1 dermo-protective shampoo, 1 shampoo adapted to hair type, 1 conditioning treatment.

The brushing includes:hair shaping or stripping.

The cut includes:Cut according to the customer's choice (with the help of our makeover advice adapted to the morphology of your companion), scissors or trimmer.

Hair removal includes:standard finger, trimmer or stone hair removal depending on the coat and breed standard of the dog.

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